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Slit Lamp S350
  • Slit Lamp S350

Slit Lamp S350

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Product specifications:
The Galilean type microscope system adopts revolving drum, the highest magnification is 5 steps. (Professional type)

The excellent optical system can give you a clear and clean image.

The 14mm aperture can help you observe the whole cornea and iris easily, and it is convenient to examine the foreign object.

The German imported 6V20W Osram halogen lamp can fully make use of every beam. It can make sure that you get the clean and clear image effect with the minimum illumination, at the same time can protect the patients’ eye.

The high eyepoint and open field eyepieces design can guarantee the clear image even when you wear glasses.

The modular design can reserve the adapters, this is convenient to connect beam splitter, digital camera adapter and the CCD adapter, thus can upgrade to the digital camera system or the image capture system.

The adapter function is good, digital single lens reflex camera and the digital vidicons are compatible.


Type : Galilean-Type
Magnification change : Revolving Drum
Total magnification Ratio : 6×,10×, 16×, 25×,40× (professional configuration)
Eyepieces : 12.5×
Angle between eyepieces : 13º
Pupillary adjustment : 55mm~78mm
Diopter adjustment : ±6D
Field of view : 40× (∅5.5mm), 25× (∅8.5mm), 16× (∅13.5mm), 10× (∅22mm), 6× (∅34.7mm)
Slit Illumination:
Slit width : Continuously variable from 0 to 14mm (at 14mm,slit becomes a circle )
Slit length : Continuously variable from 1mm to 14mm
Lamp : 6V/20W Halogen Lamp
Slit angle : 0º~180º (continuously adjustable both vertical and horizontal)
Slit inclination : °4 step: 5º、10º、15º、20º
Filters : Thermal safety,UV,Red-free,Cobalt Blue
Aperture diameters : ∅14mm,∅10mm,∅5mm, 3mm,∅2mm, ∅1mm,∅0.2mm
Longitudinal movement : 90mm
Lateral movement : 100mm
Vertical movement : 30mm
Vertical movement : 80mm
Fixation : Green LED
Input voltage : 220V/110V~±10%
Input frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption : 30VA(max)
Output voltage : Lamp 6V (continuously adjustable) Fixation 3V
Dimension & Weight:
Dimension : 740mm x 450mm x 500mm
Gross weight : 25Kg
Net weight : 24kg






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